Film Mother Seduction 2 (2019)

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Mother Seduction 2 (2019)
Genre: Semi, Drama, Romance
Actor: Lee Eun-mi-I, Park Joo-bin, Yoo Sul-young
Director: Yoo Hae-jong
Country: Korea
Release: 12 July 2019
Duration: 1 jam 19 menit

Other Cast:

Kim So-young as Yoo Se-jin
Hong Yeo-jin as Jung Yoon-seok
Ju Jin-mo as Choi Seok-gi
Kim Sung-kyum as Yoo Dal-ho
Kim Tae-hoon as Jo Young-chul
Lee Jung-shin as Na Hong-gyu
Choi Il-hwa as Na Shi-chan
Ahn Se-ha as Park Han-soo
Jo Hwi-joon as Roy
Yoon Ah-jung as Han Ji-sun
Kim Ji-young as Kang Yoon-ah

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Sinopsis Mother Seduction 2

Yoo Sul-young also finds herself growing closer to Dylan, who serves as a shoulder for her to vent about her conflicting emotions, regarding her late husband. But little does Sharon realize that she and Dylan share a dark past together—and that his friendship with Anthony is part of a twisted scheme against her. Can Yoo Sul-young stop her past from destroying everything she loves?

“They’re all the same” is a common criticism Lifetime movies receive—and for better or worse, that criticism has a grain of truth to it. Even hardened Lifetime fans such as myself are willing to admit that the channel has a handful of plotlines that they like to use, time and time again. Their latest premiere, Mother Seduction (originally titled Cruel Fixation, by MarVista Entertainment), is an example of this convention, as it follows one of the more open-ended of Lifetime’s oft-recycled premises: a troubled woman inviting a new man into her life, who is secretly a psychopath with a hidden agenda. But, like the best of the movies in Lifetime’s collection, Mother Seduction brings some surprises to the mix that prevent the film from becoming a snoozer.

In the same vein as The Twisted Son and The Wrong Crush (both of which are also members of the aforementioned premise as this film), Mother Seduction’s strength is in how well-developed its primary cast of characters is. Over the course of the film,
Yoo Sul-young and Park Joo-bin are developed strongly as a mother and son, struggling to deal with both their sense of loss and their conflicting feelings about their respective deceased husband and father. It makes for plenty of emotionally-packed scenes between the two, with Kang Sung-ah and Kim Tae-hoon both bringing raw and empathetic performances to the table.

Klebe, in particular, shines well as the troubled but well-intentioned Yoo Sul-young, and is at her best when the script has her go through the arc that allows Sinister Seduction to stand out, among the many Lifetime films centering around widowed mothers. Rather than standard heartbroken and grieving, Sharon finds herself grappling with the fact that in life, Mark was often self-centered and a difficult man to be married to. So, in addition to these unresolved feelings, Yoo Sul-young finds herself disconnected from minah in an emotional way regarding Mark: He grieves for the idealized version of his father, while Yoo Sul-young can’t remember Mark through those lenses. It’s a different take on the formula that sets Mother Seduction apart, along with its ending that averts the usual Lifetime standards, and concludes things on a more realistic note.